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New Leaders Council

NLC NYC’s mission is to build a pipeline of diverse leaders in every sector of society who will create a more progressive New York City. To get there, we unite emerging leaders from every industry (beyond politics and government) and outside of traditional power structures, in order to form a strong progressive network in NYC. Through this coalition, NLC NYC has established a definitive voice in many of NYC’s most consequential public affairs.

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Leaders of Color

Leaders of Color identifies, trains, and supports community-based Black and Brown civic leaders, empowering them with the tools and resources to advance educational equity and the broader cause of racial justice. Since our launch in 2018, 116 leaders have graduated from our program and are now leading change in their communities. Our alumni serve in elected office, lead community-based organizations, and steer Boards of Directors.  Our goal is to train 400 Fellows by 2023 across eight sites.

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Urban Leaders Fellowship

The Urban Leaders Fellowship is a paid summer fellowship for professionals who come from various backgrounds, professions, ideologies, and experiences with a sincere commitment to transform communities through people and partnerships.

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Board Leadership Academy with Education Board Partners

The Board Leadership Academy (BLA) for current and aspiring board chairs in education. Each Academy brings together roughly 25 people from across different boards, plus some who have not yet joined a board. BLA is a six-month program that includes monthly full-group sessions and individual coaching support. The program explores the most critical issues facing charter school boards and offers support, coaching, and connection to current and future board members.

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